Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane ~ Little Leaps of Love

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I spend a lot of time taking pictures {and with a digital I take sooooooo many}, printing pictures, arranging pictures, scrapbooking pictures....just trying to "capture" the many fun and crazy moments in our house. I know that someday these albums better be will be appreciated by my family. They will make us laugh at those almost forgotten moments…make us all teary when they remind us of others…or make us sigh in relief that some of those crazy times are over!

All those pictures, scrapbooks and memories of mine are generally behind lock and key {ok, there's a key in the lock...but it isn't locked} so that certain little hands do not decide to take matters into their own hands and pull them out to look at...and in the process end up making some memories I don't want to scrapbook. Very often I am reminded that all the pictures I've taken, all the pages I've created don't get looked at as often as they should....or at least as often as I would like them to.

Today's little leap is pretty simple really. Pull out those pictures - whether they be a scrapbook, another album you've put them in, an envelope of pictures you just had printed - whatever. Pull them out and sit down with your kids and go through them. Laugh together. Remind them of their birth. Their birthdays. Your wedding....whatever it is, go back and remember together.

Points for this leap of love: 30 points

Don’t forget! You earn points by completing the "Leap" assigned on the day it is assigned. Some of the activities will also include bonus points.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

Join us during the month of February for Little Leaps of Love ~ daily ideas of little things that we can do to show our family a little bit of love in a simple, but fun way. It’s not to late to join in with Little Leaps of Love! Find out more about the challenge {and the prizes} here.  Download the ‘Little Leaps of Love’ Point Tracker to keep track of your points this month too!

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