Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Linger ~ Little Leaps of Love

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We’re in the midst of chaos around here right now ~ boxes are stacked everywhere. Things are thrown into a box in one house and then we attempt to find a permanent home for them on the other end. For me, it’s a little easy to get caught up in the ‘what needs to be done’ aspect of things and forget that there are four kids that are going through a big change along with me.

Today's little leap? Just linger.

Instead of that quick kiss goodbye to your husband, or a quick kiss when he gets home, linger. Hug him. Hold him. Do the same with your kiddos and as you hold them, let God remind you of the amazing gift that He has given you in your spouse and your children.

Enjoy each moment with them today {crazy busy, loud, quiet} and know you are blessed. Kiss on them abundantly. Hold them often. And I pray in those lingering moments that you catch a glimpse of His immense love for YOU!

And yes, for lingering and counting your blessings you earn points.

Points for this leap of love: 30 points

Don’t forget! You earn points by completing the "Leap" assigned on the day it is assigned. Some of the activities will also include bonus points.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

Join us during the month of February for Little Leaps of Love ~ daily ideas of little things that we can do to show our family a little bit of love in a simple, but fun way. It’s not to late to join in with Little Leaps of Love! Find out more about the challenge {and the prizes} here.  Download the ‘Little Leaps of Love’ Point Tracker to keep track of your points this month too!

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