Friday, February 18, 2011

Fill the Dates ~ Little Leaps of Love

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For today's Little Leap you will need a blank calendar page - you can print one from your computer, rip a full month out of a planner, or you can follow this link to print one off {just trying to save you time!}. What are you going to do with this calendar? Fill it up! You can make this a calendar for the month of February or March and write down a reason that you love your husband {or someone} in each square. Make them silly. Be serious. It's up to you. Do you love the color of his eyes? The sound of his laugh? Write it down!! Then....give it to him. :)

If you finish out the remaining days of February that's great. If you can do the entire month of March - even better!

Points for this leap of love: 20 points for doing the rest of the month of February {a little over a week}. Give yourself a bonus of 40 points if you do the entire month of March too (4 weeks).  Maximum points ~ 60.

Don’t forget! You earn points by completing the "Leap" assigned on the day it is assigned. Some of the activities will also include bonus points.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

Join us during the month of February for Little Leaps of Love ~ daily ideas of little things that we can do to show our family a little bit of love in a simple, but fun way. It’s not to late to join in with Little Leaps of Love! Find out more about the challenge {and the prizes} here.  Download the ‘Little Leaps of Love’ Point Tracker to keep track of your points this month too!

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