Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Relevant Conference 2010

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I just spent the last hour on Twitter getting some information about the Relevant Conference coming up in October.

I don’t have my ticket yet {they go on sale March 1st}, but I am making plans, have a LOVELY roommate, and am getting just a bit excited!
The Relevant Conference exists to offer a place of face to face interaction with Christian women bloggers who want to be relevant in the larger blog and social media world. Our goal is to go beyond the surface into intentional blogging and real life living. We support women turning their hearts toward home and using their blogs to bless their families while also engaging the world for the glory of God. Relevant is a one-of-a-kind conference that seeks to engage women by teaching blogging techniques and social media skill while also urging and encouraging women to live fully integrated lives with their faith and family.
Tonight Tommy Nelson {the publishers of the Bible my girls are inimage love with….} and Sarah Mae from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee hosted a chat giving suggestions for sponsorships and helping promote businesses at blogging conferences. If you'd like to read tonights chat, just search using #getasponsor for the full party conversation.

So much swirling through my mind right now…that I believe sleep will be difficult this evening. Looking forward to meeting some wonderful ladies!!


  1. I'm going! I hope to meet you in person there. : )

  2. ooo how fun! I am sure you will have a blast!

  3. Jolanthe,

    I can't wait to finally get to one of these and just immerse myself into so much more of what the blogging world has to offer.

    Praying that you have a wonderful time and many opportunities will come to you because of being there.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I've never heard of it. Sounds awesome!

  5. Jo,

    I've been wanting to say this for a while; I guess this is as good a time as any. :)

    I am SO PROUD of you for the way you have developed this blog and your other one. Frankly, I'm in awe. Watching your readership (is that a word?) grow and seeing many others be blessed through your blogs is so wonderful. I don't know how you do all that you do! You have four kids...I have four kids...but somehow, you run circles around me. Sheesh, I have got to start being more productive! *wink*

    Actually, I am full of contentment about where I am in my current situation in life...and proud of you for where you are in yours!

    Anyway, I'm so excited for you about this upcoming conference; I'm sure it will be so much fun and probably a great learning experience for you.

    One day I'll be able to say, "Yeah, I knew her before she was famous!" :)


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