Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Minor Potty Training Technicality

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Just a few hours after I posted about our potty training bribery endeavors, I left to run some errands.

Leaving Kaleb alone with Daddy ~ in his underwear. Not having yet pooped.

Rick heard Kaleb in the bathroom and found him sitting on the potty ~ pooping.

The bribery is apparently working.

A short time later, Rick found him in the bathroom again and asked him what he was doing.

Kaleb then proceeded to drop a piece of … well, you know … into the toilet. With his hands.

When Rick asked him where he got it from, he said “On the floor” ~ so technically, he didn’t do it in his underwear.

Lucky Rick.



  1. LOL! Oh this will be a good one to retell when he gets older. At least he's trying. Mine won't do #2 in the potty---asks for a pull-up.

  2. hehhehe oo my goodness! I am sure Rick just loved that :-P

  3. Oh, oh! The FUN! This sounds a little like Hannah this past summer!! It was exasperating, but soon (it felt like forever at the time) it paid off.

  4. Oh my! I haven't been brave enough to post any of our potty training stories, but... let's just say this sort of thing sounds so very familiar!

    Have fun!


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