Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Puppy Tweets Collar

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Right off the bat, I’m going to say that this electronic device called ‘Puppy Tweets’ is NOT a joke. If you don’t believe me {or if you want to buy one} you can hop over to Amazon and check out the pre-order page.

Puppy Tweets Collar is actually connected to your wifi at home and sends Tweets via Twitter {you have to set up an account for your pet}, to let you know what your pet is up to. There are over 500 phrases to give you added insight into your pet’s day.

I am thinking that Mattel really missed the mark on this one.

While I’m sure it would be fascinating to know what my dog was doing all day {ahem} I would be ALL over a device that attached to one of my kids and sent me messages letting me know things like:

  • Just flushed another small cup down the toilet. Better call the plumber.
  • The popcorn ceiling is really fun to play with. REALLY fun. It looks like it’s snowing!
  • Unrolled the toilet paper and backed up the sink for you.
  • Soap is fun to squirt. And squirt. And squirt. Add ‘liquid soap’ to the grocery list.
  • Found a pencil and I’m now hiding in my room and decorating my walls.
  • About that potty training? You might want to check out that wet spot on the carpet in my room.
  • Around the corner where you can’t see me, but I’m standing on the counter and just found your hidden candy stash.
  • I’m hiding an extra little something for myself for later in the bottom dresser drawer.
  • Playing with your alarm clock is fun. Prepare to wake up around 3:30 am.
  • The carrots that I was supposed to eat for lunch? Found a MUCH better place to put them than my stomach.
  • The keys were on the counter ~ figured you wouldn’t mind if I played in the car a bit.
  • Scooping soap is fun. How many scoops will the washing machine hold?
  • It might be naptime, but it’s not quiet because I’m sleeping.

Periodic messages for those too-quiet moments throughout the day would be nice {I’m thinking} and well worth a $30 price tag ~ you know, should someone venture down that path.


  1. oo to funny!! I can't believe they made that! I would totally love to have one for Sammy!

  2. Too funny! I might not want to know what my dog is doing but the kids...maybe on second thought I don't want to know, after all I like surprises!

  3. Jolanthe, I cannot believe your list - I totally thought those things were done by only my boys! The cups in the toilet, the massive amounts of liquid soap... this happens to you, too!? I'm so excited! (Sorry)

    Paying with the alarm clock, THAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS VERY MORNING! I had to call in a few minutes late to work because they had turned the volume OFF!!!

    G-R-E-A-T list!

  4. ROFL!!!!!!
    I totally could use one especially for my 20 month old daughter!!

  5. How did you know what my kids have been up to? Maybe that's the problem with the tweet for kids, mom's are smarter than the device. :)

  6. Now I could get into it if it would work for kids. That would be awesome.:)

  7. Just goes to show what someone people will think up and others will buy. I am not that into twitter to say I need this!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. That is so funny. Don't people have lives? How do they have time to worry about what their dog thinks? Hilarious!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I want one after you put it out on the market. That would be so great!

  10. OH goodness. I'm thinking I'm agreeing with you. However... my addition would be "Start googling ways to get a LOT of Vaseline out of a microfiber couch"


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