Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bible in 90 Days {B90} ~ Day 39 Check-in

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Today I’m also guest posting at Mom’s Toolbox, so if you have an insane desire to read even more of my thoughts or see me live and ‘in person’ {I got brave and did a video}, head over there to read a little more.

This week’s challenge included reading from 2 Chronicles 23 through Psalm 24. I’m still a little bit ahead, but really only thanks to our 3 year old and his refusal to use the potty. I read about 30 chapters in Psalms while waiting for him to ‘cave’ and actually use the potty. Reading Psalms was much more enjoyable than listening to him remind me over and over again that he didn’t have to go. :)

I was a little ahead before going into this week, so I had a break for two days…but I had to sit down and read! I am realizing how much I am enjoying and needing this time every day ~ regardless of being ahead or not!

Esther has long been hands down my favorite Bible story. I recently finished a GREAT study by Tommy Tenney on the book of Esther called Finding Favor with the King. I spent some time sharing a few nuggets about Esther at Mom’s Toolbox today, so I’ll share a few of the other thoughts that crossed my mind this week about the reading.
  • Feel like I was left hanging with Hezekiah. 2 Chronicles 32:31 says that God withdrew from Hezekiah to test his heart…and then in the next verse {vs 32} ~ the rest of the events of Hezekiah’s reign are recorded in {a bunch of books}. What happened when God tested him??????? ;)
  • So sad that Manasseh {Hezekiah’s son} learned nothing from his father and undid all that Hezekiah had done ~ but then he finally repented {2 Chronicles 33:12}
  • Knowing how important the family ties/genealogy was to the Israelites, it’s sad to read about those who could not prove they were descendants of Israel because they had lost their genealogical records {Ezra 2: 59-62}.
  • Ezra 2:64 ~ only 42,000 returned. Such a small remnant when you consider the huge group of people that were brought from Egypt by Moses
  • After the temple foundation had been re-laid, the people started shouting {Ezra 3:11}, but those who remembered the first Temple wept when they saw the new foundation. The weeping mingled with the rejoicing ~ those who KNEW vs. those who didn’t know any better.
  • How much of the wall needed to be rebuilt? Just wondering the circumference since it was finished in 52 days {Nehemiah 6}.
  • Loved this verse from Job ~ {Job 9:33} ‘If only there were a mediator who could bring us together {God and Job}, but there is none.’ Just the promise that we have and know today!!
  • While we {on this side of the New Testament} know what to expect about eternal life ~ what did those in the Old Testament believe? It didn’t hit me until I was reading Job {19:25-27} when he talks about knowing his Redeemer lives and that he will see God with his own eyes. I know chronologically Job fits into things after the flood/before Abraham…but I don’t remember reading specifics on life after death prior to this passage.
  • Job’s responses to his friends cracked me up at times, especially when he called them worthless quacks who would do best to keep their mouths shut {Job 13:4-5}.
  • Did you noticed that God responded to the first of Job’s three friends, but didn’t say anything to Elihu? neither did Job {Job 42:7-9}.
Psalms and Proverbs are the focus over the next week, so I think this next week will be a little more laid back in some ways. Thanks for sticking with me…you are still here, right? :)

In case you are interested in reading a little more about Esther, Tommy Tenney has some great non-fiction and fiction books available that I would highly recommend!!


  1. I enjoyed your vlog over at Mom's Toolbox. It was nice to see you and get to know you a little better.

  2. Glad you are getting alot out of your reading. I too find myself wanting this time each day. For me that is a huge change!

  3. Thank you for being so honest in your vlog! I thought I'd read more of the Bible than I clearly had because so far most of it seems so new to me - I'd only ever really focused on the new testament so thanks for reminding me I'm not the only one who's done this!

    Just remembered you and your family to God - well done for keeping ahead and reading daily. It is so refreshing to bathe in the word.

  4. Yes, Manasseh is such a sad story in many ways. It reminds me that no matter how good my walk with God is, no matter how much I try to instill Christian values in my kids, I have no promise they will love the Lord and be saved. However, it is a story of redemption and hope, because God forgave him of his hideous sins and saved him at the end of his life. So, it's sad and encouraging at the same time.


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