Thursday, February 11, 2010


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I believe I can say it is official. Last night marked the unfortunate demise of Kaleb’s last binky. It had already been shredded beyond any reasonable sucking capacity, but he was still hanging onto it for good measure.

Until he lost it somewhere in the dark of his bedroom.

We searched high and low, uncertain if we were willing to venture down the ‘no-binky’ road, but we also knew we weren’t going to head over to Walmart for any more binkies.

When no binky made an appearance we tucked Kaleb in, {mentally wished him luck}, prayed with him and said goodnight. There were some tears and sad little pleas for ‘binky’, but he quieted down and fell asleep.

Today’s task is to figure out WHERE in the world a binky could disappear too in the dark of night and find it before someone else {under 4 feet tall} does. And hide it for real.

In some ways it’s a little sad, since he IS the baby of the family and we won’t be going this route again…but I’m sure we’ll have other things to keep us busy with him.

Especially since he just walked up to me with the sweetest little look on his face, cocked his head to one side and said, “Mommy, I need to be changed. I pooped in your closet.”



  1. Oh, you got me with that last line!!! Hilarious (for me). I remember the last "woobie" and the bittersweet goodbye. sigh, great stuff.

    Good luck being binky free!

  2. Each of our children had a binky banishing ceremony on their third birthday. Used to work pretty good.

    Good luck with your endeaver.

  3. I miss the "binky" days... and my baby is so it's been awhile for us. Good luck!

  4. oo glad it went okay! Good luck find it! You could always get the older 3 help look and say if you find it you get a cookie or something like that! I feel like kids are amazing at finding things!

  5. That last line...hilarious. We just made it to the 3 week mark with no more pacifier. It's night but getting easier and easier. I do wish you luck!

  6. It's so funny how it's the parents who think it wont go as well and it's the kids that are fine throwing out their passy's.
    With my son we took him to a hobby shop and he "bought" a train with all his passy's.....funny part is he had no problem handing over his paper bag FULL of them....but me on the other hand asked the cashier for them back just in case...and she wouldn't give them back I was shocked but...turns out we never "needed" them again.

  7. LOL at the last line!

    My daughter lost her binky in her bed around 18 months. I had been wanting to get rid of it, but didn't have the nerve to try it. All of a sudden, we were searching for binky and I found it. I stuffed it in my pocket and pretended to keep looking. We went through a whole story about how he was lost, blah, blah, blah.... The first day and night were a bit hard, but she had (and still does) her stuffed kitty to help her sleep.

  8. Oh sad and yet so funny! I had poo fun this morning so I'm glad to know someone else out there understands. :]

  9. giggle giggle....giggle.

    I'm sure that the two instances weren't related in any way at all....giggle.

  10. Ohn how it breaks a momma's heart! We just went through that with our little Samuel who just turned 3. I want him to be able to have it! It's all about us half the time!!

  11. I am nearly in tears! That is SO FUNNY!!! Oh, I LOVE boys!

    You also cracked me up with the image of frantically finding it before he does to "hide it for real"!!!!!

    Wonderful post!


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