Monday, December 15, 2008

Please Check Under Your Chairs

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Yesterday morning as I was driving Zachary and a friend's son to preschool and listening in on their conversation, I was scrambling for paper to record their words.

Because 4 year old's get deep like that.

They started off with a rousing round of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" (complete with wild and crazy hand motions) and then were quick to let me know "We're not singing our special song for the Christmas program (wink, wink)."

Then the banter started back and forth innocently enough - quickly becoming a "I can one-up" you deal.

Although I don't think I'm all that proud of all my son can do.

Silas: I can buckle my own seatbelt.

Zachary: Remember, I kill spiders at home.

Silas: (in a hushed voice) I know where boogies come from...your NOSE!

Zachary: I pick my nose and put my boogies under chairs. Or on windows sometimes.

Just in case we've been over your house recently, you might want to check under your chairs. You know I will be at our house.

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  1. But ALSO remember, he gets tired of sitting who knows WHICH chair it is?

  2. ooo man.. how I look forward to all things boy! This had me laughing out loud at work :-P

  3. Yes, boys are an interesting breed. One son would use a bedroom wall to wipe his nose. Thankfully we nipped that one rather quickly. BLCH! And thank goodness to Mr. Clean Erasers.

  4. Kids are so great. Never a dull moment.

  5. Oo-o-o-ohhhh GROSS! Thanks for sharing -- I think. :)

  6. Found your blog while blog hopping.
    Too funny! My two year old gives me his boogers... gross but I'm glad he isn't wiping them anywhere.

  7. OH how gross...THAT is a hilarious conversation.

    Happy TTT


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