Monday, December 15, 2008

If Your Kids Still Believe in Santa...

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Zachary might not be the best one to let your kids hang out with, specifically if you are trying to keep the whole "Santa" thing alive and well with your kids.

And my heartfelt apologies to any of the parents in his preschool class if he sent your child home in tears last week, shattering their Christmas dreams of Santa.

The teachers sat down with the kids to make Christmas cards for the parents and asked the kids what they wanted to write inside the card. This was mine:
Thanks Mom for all the presents. I know that there isn't a Santa. Love, Zachary


  1. Love the letter! And oh, how I can relate! We've had a few "run ins" over the years with the Santa thing. :)

  2. hehe loved the note.. Guess there is no disguising your hand writing for his presents this year :-P

  3. LOL - that is so hilarious! Precious - save it!

  4. Just tell him to be quiet around Quinn! Rebekah took it upon herself to set Caelan straight 5 years ago. Even after I warned, demanded and threatened bodily harm! (lol) Last Sunday I was coaching my two younger ones to "keep quiet!" on the way to church. Don't know if it worked or not...I don't think I can keep this under control!

  5. we were the proud parents of the child in kindergarten who announced to his classmates, "Don't you know that it's your PARENTS who put the presents under the tree?"

    yeah, that teacher was so happy with us:0)

  6. I remember that in the second grade a girl told everyone that there wasn't a santa and at least half the class started to cry... great memory!


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