Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Letter to My Husband

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Dear Rick,

Before I go any further I would like to say a HUGE thank you for being so willing to let me go out tonight and have a "girl's night out" with the group. I appreciate it ever so much. And even though I was not at home, I did try to remain available at all times (via cell phone) should any problems arise.

That said (and in my defense) I was only trying to be extra-conscientious when out and about in making sure my cell phone was handy at all times.

And after bearing you four beautiful children, my bladder can only take so many glasses of iced tea (and maybe a glass or two of wine) before certain things become...well, necessary.

The good news is the toilet had just been cleaned. The bad news is the cell phone didn't really care, it still just jumped in (ok, jumped may be a little strong, but I can say it definitely wasn't pushed).

The good news is I hadn't gone to the bathroom yet. The bad news is it still fell in the toilet.

The good news is I worked diligently for the rest of the night shaking out any excess water.
The bad news is EWWWWW!!

The good news is the phone still is powering up, dialing, and seems to be working (you might notice a call on your voice mail at work as a test run). The bad news is that certain numbers seem to want to dial themselves along with a few we may have to either get that fixed (or find friends with different phone numbers).

Or...since you just got a new phone perhaps you might consider one for your lovely wife. Because you know that everytime you need to use it from now on you might want to remember where it has been.

I'm just sayin'.

I love you!


  1. ooo no thats the worst! My parents live on a lake and my Dad's phone has gone swimming on more than 1 occasion. Tim's recommendation (I'm sure Rick's as well) take it all the way apart and blow dry it. I hope it starts working better or that you have a new phone under the tree a week from today :-)

  2. Battery out for a whole day!!! I killed 2 phones potty training. It happens.

  3. oh yeah! Mine worked for six months just fine, and then......bum bum bah!

  4. OK. My sides really ache now. Two incredibly funny posts in one day. LOL.

  5. love the way you broke the bad news......i would love to be on the other end of the phone call you got after he read this!!!!

    did you make me a header yet??? just kidding!

  6. Dear Rick,

    May I recommend the iPhone? Of course, it is quite a pricey little tool for women who might drop it in the toilet. But since your wife clearly had a phone that "jumped" in, let me assure that this phone doesn't jump.



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