Thursday, June 30, 2011

Having Faith ~ Ministry of Motherhood Week 7

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“…eternal truth must always be the foundation of their understanding. If they can keep eternity before their eyes, they will be able to live in hope no matter what happens to them in this life.”

~ Sally Clarkson, Ministry of Motherhood, p. 105


This past week we focused on reading chapters nine and ten of Ministry of Motherhood along with the daily Scripture readings {SOAP}. We’ve started talking about modeling faith for our children and giving them an eternal perspective ~ laying a foundation based on God’s truth.

Rick and I are open with the kids about things that have been difficult for us and shared with them our beliefs and trust in God. There have been times in our lives when although I didn’t understand why something was happening, all I could do was trust that God would carry us through.

In the late miscarriage of our first son.

When Zachary nearly died from meningitis so many years ago.

And in so many other instances.

He has been and will be faithful to us.


“…childhood is the perfect time for us to take {our children} by the hand and show them how they can walk through these difficulties with the Lord. Trusting him will become a natural, first response of children if they are raised from earliest childhood to pray to God and to walk with Him each day of their lives.”

~ Sally Clarkson, Ministry of Motherhood, p. 115


My question for you all this week:  How have you modeled faith for your children?



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