Monday, June 27, 2011

Quiet Time Hiding Spot{s}

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Devo Time-5

Sometimes having a true quiet time in the morning is a bit difficult. Maybe because my bed feels a whole lot more comfy to me at the moment and a few extra minutes of sleep seem more enticing.

Or my children have woken up early {again} and are causing a ruckus that just makes the term ‘quiet time’ laughable because it is FAR from that.

Just keeping it real.

Over the last few months since moving, I’ve floated from here to there in our house depending on my mood, the weather, and even how far I want to stumble when I wake up in the morning.

Should I not feel the need to venture too far, the rocker right next to my side of the bed makes a lovely place for an early morning devotional time. With the early morning light coming in through the door and a nice breeze, this is a wonderful spot for a bit of quiet and time focusing on some Scripture.

Devo Time-1

Or maybe in the chair right off our kitchen {and close to the Keurig, a.k.a. coffee}.

Devo Time-1-2

Lately though, my preferred place to sit and ponder is one of our patio chairs. With a little end table next to me, it’s the perfect place to sit, relax, be surrounded by the wonderful sounds of nature in the morning and have a spot to keep my coffee nearby. Very nearby.

Devo Time-3

I have a basket that is full of the books and studies that I am currently using during my study time so I can just grab it and go when I am ready.  Here’s a peek at what has recently been in my basket…

Devo Time-4

~ Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

~ My Bible

~ Faithful. Abundant. True. {a Bible study I did with a group of ladies at church}

~ Our 24 Family Ways by Clay Clarkson {learning the layout before we start}

~ Ministry of Motherhood binder to keep all of my SOAP {verse studies} in one place

~ 31 Days to Clean

A typical morning involves me making a cup of coffee {unless my hubby is home and has already put one together for me}. A most important first step ~ grins. I’ve been reading through Ministry of Motherhood and doing the daily Scripture reading for the last 6 weeks, so I pull out my binder and Bible and focus on the verse for the day using the S.O.A.P. method {writing our the Scripture, writing down a few observations, applying it to my life, and writing out a prayer}. I have LOVED this method and hope to continue using it long after this study is completed. Some mornings I’ll read in the go-along book or do a devotional from one of my other books too ~ just depends largely in part to my mood. 

Mornings are really the best time for me because it helps bring focus to my day and I can definitely tell when I have missed out on my quiet time and need a little break to reevaluate things. :)

What does your quiet time place look like? Do you have a set place to sit down and focus, or will any spot do? See what other moms are saying over at Granola Mom for God.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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