Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guinness World Records Joins Chick Fil A Kid’s Meals!!

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You all know that I {heart} Chick-fil-A®. Sweet tea. Waffle fries. Yummy chicken. But perhaps the best of all ~ their kid’s meals ROCK!! Instead of cheesy character toys, Chick-fil-A® offers educational and quality kid’s meal toys.

chick fil a kid's meal prizesFrom July 26th until August 28th {or until supplies last} Chick-fil-A® is partnering with Guinness World Records®  and offering five packs in their Kid’s meals featuring “Do Try This at Home” challenges. We received a sample packet of the items pictured {but no cow ~ sniff} and the kids have been having a blast going through the records and seeing how they compare to some of the records mentioned.

One of our kid’s favorites has been the timer and “Do Try This At Home!” disks. The 30 second timer comes with a set of 6 disks with different activities such as “how many jump-rope skips can you make in 30 seconds?” or “how many golf balls can you hold in two hands for 30 seconds?”

Guinness 30 Second Timer

The girls turned on the timer and started right in on hopping on one foot…


There are four other Chick-fil-A® Kid’s Meal items that include:

~ A set of Guinness World Records®  cards that have world records set by animals. The cards also include a tanagram on the back.

~ A World Record sports and game booklet which has records broken by athletes around the world. The booklet has two score wheels so you can track the “Do Try this at Home” challenges.

Guinness World Record Cards

~ A ring of cards that shows Guinness World Records®  holders along with challenges and ideas on things to do at home.

~ A booklet of hobbies and pastimes with challenges, including one set by the largest cup of lemonade ever from Chick-fil-A® operator!

“We hope reading about the Guinness World Records®  achievements and attempting some of the fun activities will inspire kids to strive to set their own records in life,” said Angela Savage, Senior Kids & Family Marketing Consultant for Chick-fil-A, Inc. “The warmer summer months are the perfect time to encourage children to be active and get outside to play with their parents and friends.”

If you receive the same activity twice, you can exchange the duplicate for another activity during the promotion. After the promotion is over the activities can be ordered on line from the Chick-fil-A® shop while supplies last!

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  1. how fun! we are going to have to go soon! we LOVE LOVE Chickfila!

  2. Again, THANKS for this info! You ROCK! I love tips like this!

  3. I think this is great - anything which encourages the kids to achieve is a great educational tool - I came across a guy in New Zealand who breaks a lot of records and tells stories to kids about his efforts and encourages them to have a go - see his website


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