Monday, July 12, 2010

Bible in 90 Days ~ Round 2 Begins!

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Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010

I was just going to mentor a group of ladies for the second blog round of the Bible in 90 Days…and then thought that it would be much better if I participated along WITH the ladies again. I’ve been taking notes again as I do my daily readings and also thinking about the questions that come along with the daily emails from the B90Days folks.

Incidentally, I have a GREAT group of ladies that I’m reading along with and am very excited to have them join up!

I’m finishing up today’s reading after I post this, but had a second to sit down and collect my thoughts.  I pulled up my past B90Days posts to see what I had taken notes on the last time and LOVE the fact that not a single one of my notes double over what caught my attention the last time I read through this passage. Of course that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have some similar thoughts…but I love how re-reading is giving me different insight.

~ Abraham didn’t have a household…he had a small town! Gen 14:14 says he had 318 trained men born in his household. That doesn’t include untrained men, women and children.

~ The time lapse from when Abraham was promised a son until the time Isaac was born…about 16 years to see the fulfillment of that promise!

~ The covenant that God made with Abraham was specifically through Isaac {Gen 17:21}

~ This statement from Abraham to God seemed almost poignant {Gen 17:18}  “If only Ishmael might live under your blessing.” and later when Esau talks to Isaac {Gen 27:38} “Do you have only one blessing?”

~ In Genesis 32 Jacob is clinging to what God has promised him! He reminds God and claims what was previously spoken over him.

~ never noticed that Jacob came home and saw his father after he had been out living with Laban {Gen. 35:27}

~ How long do you suppose Simeon was waiting in jail before his brothers returned for him? It says that they did not return until their grain sacks were empty…meaning they went through 9 sacks of grain before heading back!

~ Do you suppose the trip the brother’s had to take back to pick up Jacob was filled with a LOT of anxiety about how they were going to explain that they had LIED to their father so many years ago?

~ This just made me laugh out loud!!! Joseph’s parting words to his brothers {Gen. 45:24} “don’t quarrel along the way.”

~ love the relationship {and wisdom} between Moses and his father-in-law Jethro. Jethro gives Moses advice about handling the masses…and then wisely says “if you do this and God commands”. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Bible reading challenge, you can read more about it at Mom’s Toolbox. You can also download your own printable reading bookmark if you want to join along in the challenge.

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  1. I am so excited to be able to say . . . I have accomplished the first weeks reading schedule!!! I have not completed today's yet, but will before I go to bed tonight.

    I too was intrigued by some of the same things you wrote about above. I find it so amazing that the fulfillment of promise to Abraham and Sara was so long. And yet many of us EXPECT God to ANSWER RIGHT now and get so down and out if He doesn't. Can you imagine the waiting for Abraham and Sara and the conversations they must have had.

    I love to read of "older and wiser" folks giving advise to people like Moses. I really never caught that before . . . especially that his Father in law was the one to give the advise.

    I am excited about this weeks adventure in our reading . . . I wonder what "NEW" will pop out for me to read!

  2. we can assume that Jacob visited his father after he came to Canaan. In 35:8 he buried Rebekah's nurse, so he must visited his father and get his mother's nurse to live with him.

  3. we can assume that Jacob visited his father after he came to Canaan. In 35:8 he buried Rebekah's nurse, so he must visited his father and get his mother's nurse to live with him.


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