Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Sons ~ the Silverbacks

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The boys {a.k.a. Zachary} decided to play ‘boxing’ downstairs. They dressed in relatively nothing, other than some pajama bottoms and went downstairs to play.

A little while later they both came upstairs for a little refreshment {because fake boxing can wear you out, you know} and I noticed a strange blue hue to their backs.



Zachary had covered Kaleb and Kaleb in turn covered Zachary. I couldn’t figure out why they had done it ~ so I asked.

Zachary did his best gorilla pose and said, “Cause we’re Silverbacks ~ that’s why!”

Wouldn’t that have been your first guess?


  1. I remember my brothers "boxing" at about that age...with their shirts off and their shorts on...only they also took the long arm chair cushions and used duct tape to tape them to their know, for gloves.

    I look forward to the post that will surely come when they figure out how to make boxing gloves!


  2. hehe totally cracking up over here!


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