Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shake Your Body

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I had just finished dressing when Zachary found me hiding in the closet last week (shocking, I know). I was fixing my shirt and asked him if I looked cute. He cocked his little head to the side and said, "Shake your body."


"Shake your body," he repeated. So I did a goofy little dance for him. He laughed and said, "No, turn around and shake your body."

Apparently he's overheard his Daddy one too many times tell me to turn around when I ask if something looks ok. Rick does not, however, tell me to shake my body (although I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I did...).


We found a great deal on bunkbeds for Zachary on Saturday and while the kids were napping they were delivered - to our front yard right in front of the windows. When Zachary woke up and came to the living room and saw them, the look on his face was priceless. He was (needless to say) so excited.
"Are those bunkbeds for ME? You mean, I get to sleep outside tonight?"

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  1. wouldn't that have been fun, to sleep outside on new bunkbeds!

  2. How cute! Sure, sleep outside... take your brother with you! :) (Well, that's what I'd want to say!)

    Happy TTT!

  3. love your site! My brother the baby of the family (not much of baby anymore! 23yrs old now) is named Kaleb with a K! Yeah!

  4. Does he get to sleep outside ... LOL. The other morning my daughter asked "where daddy?" So I asked her, "where is daddy?" (This is a question she asks every workday.) She then asks "Do we not need daddy anymore?" I'm still laughing.

  5. Sleeping outside?? HAHAHAHA! If only...

    sure your hubby isn't asking you to turn around and "shake your boo.ty?" HAHAHAHA Maybe that is what he is saying...yeah, we know ;)

    Happy TTT...a little late.


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