Friday, February 1, 2008

May I Ask Who's Calling?

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When the phone rings in our house there is an all out flurry of activity to:

a) find the phone

b) be the one to answer the phone (or bring it to Mommy)

Kaleb is now very close to following in his siblings footsteps. I'm sure that I have no idea where in the world he sees this, but Kaleb has been ever-so-cute lately and acting so much "bigger" than it seems he should be.

He LOVES playing with the phone. Any phone, be it pretend or real (of course the real one is better! He holds it in his hand, flips it open, cocks his head to the side, holds the phone up to his little ear and says, "Eeh?"

Too cute, little boy. Too cute you are.

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