Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cute counts for something...

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And it's a good thing that little face IS so cute. Because sometimes you just .... feel like you need to scream. Especially when:

  • the knobs to your bedside lamps have been unscrewed for the upteenth time and are now missing in action - so there is no way to turn on said lamps

  • the toilet in your bathroom has been plugged because a certain little man thinks he can wipe his own heiney (which mind you has managed to only eek out a pea-sized poopy), and in the process uses half a roll of your favorite (and hidden from the rest of your family, so as to only pamper you and hubby) Charmin toilet paper

  • said toilet is clogged again when half a box of wet wipes is also used to wipe....anything that looks dirty in the bathroom

  • every time you move in your bed at night you hear change jingling along with you because pennies have managed to find their way into your bed, comforter, on your name it

  • knobs are removed from your dressers

  • pictures are rearranged all over your room

  • clothing in your closet has been rearranged

  • toothpaste finds its way into some interesting places...which makes you wonder where your toothbrushes have been - along for the ride, maybe?

  • you find your son with only one sock on and dare to ask: "Where is your other sock?" Answer (with a silly, sheepish grin) "It has poopy on it - because I used it to wipe my bottom." Because that's what socks are FOR, right?

I'm just going to leave it at that...because this is only a few days worth of stuff. It's enough to make a mom ... well, crazy.


  1. Oh, the toilet. Kids just love to throw and flush! Or my lovely daughter, she likes to splash. Yeah. fun times. fun times.

  2. Well, at least he's productive when he's ...uh, resting.


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