Monday, February 4, 2008

Musical Chairs

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We have some friends that enjoy visiting our crazy household every now and then - and are thrilled to have us come and wreak havoc play at their house. Both of their children are quite a bit older than ours, but they are gracious enough to play with the kids, hold the baby, etc...

So, I shouldn't be surprised when my kids pick up "bigger kid" ideas, right? Especially since our kids are ever-so-inquisitive and ask about EVERYTHING. High School Musical is one of the other families favorite movies. Our kids have never seen the movie, but the marketing is working on their little minds already. Now, when we go to the store, my oldest three notice High School everything....plates, cups, posters, shirts, etc....

I about peed my pants laughing today though when I heard the kids talking in the other room. Zachary wanted to play a game with the girls, so he nicely asked, "Girls! Do you want to play High School Musical chairs?"

Not familiar with the game? I'm sure he'd be happy to teach you!

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  1. That is so funny! I love that stuff. Is that the "grown up" version? ;)


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