Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Plan Monday ~ Getting Back on Track

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Menu Plan Monday

For the most part over the last few months, I have been meal planning {loosely}, but gotten a wee bit off kilter in planning meals for a month at a time. Although it means I need to sit down and plan ahead of time and takes a little longer chunk on one day at the start of a month, ultimately it is a HUGE timesaver for me.

I’ve been working on a monthly meal planner page to share with you all ~ and am loving it, since I can save past menu plans and reuse it in future months. I’m all about making life easier on myself! This way I can pull a menu plan from several months prior and just change the dates around to use it again and cut my planning time down a bunch.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  • Breakfast ~ Whole wheat pancakes
  • Dinner ~ Leftovers!


  • Breakfast ~ Scrambled eggs, bacon & toast
  • Dinner ~ Beef Stew and cornbread
  • Breakfast ~ Cinnamon rolls
  • Dinner ~ Popcorn & chocolate milk

As Always: I’ve linked to any recipes that I’ve already posted.  Don’t forget that you can download my printable Main Dish Menu Planner that you can fill in with your own text and save on your own computer ~ go on and try! I have examples on how I use it to help sort and plan my meals.

That’s it for the week ~ what on your menu?

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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