Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monthly Menu Planner ~ an Editable PDF

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In an effort to keep better track of our menus and to save myself a little time and money, I put together a cute monthly meal planner that I can use each month when planning out our meals each month.

And cute is very important in my book!
While I usually plug our meals into my weekly planner, being able to see everything a month-at-a-glance really helps me. I can also ‘recycle’ menu plans from past months. My goal is to have three or four different monthly meal plans so that we’re not eating the same-old, same-old every single month. I can then rotate through the menu plans and copy/past and change the dates as needed.

monthly meal plan calendar
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And all those lovely blue spaces? They don’t show up when you print off the document, but the show the areas that you are able to type into on the pdf document. The date boxes have been left blank so that you can fill it in based on the different dates/months each year.
You’ll have to open the file using Adobe Reader {you most likely already have it on your computer}. In order to use it over and over, just save your initial file as “Monthly Meal Plan Blank” and then use the ‘save as’ feature to save it under a different file name. I’m putting the dates in my file names so they will sort nicely and I can pull them back up later on {12-01 Monthly Menu, 12-02 Monthly Menu, etc…}.
Printable Meal Planner
In case you missed it before, grab a copy of my Main Dish Menu Planner {also a pdf file that you can edit/save}. I use it to keep track of all of the meals that we eat {and love} and it makes it easy for me to just drop meals into the monthly grid ~ especially since there are some that I tend to forget about!

Enjoy!! {and I hope it helps you out as much as it does me!}

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