Wednesday, July 13, 2011

8 - 5 = Not Enough Eggs

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Mid-March we embarked on a new adventure. Chickens. When we picked out the fuzzy little chicks, oohing and ahhing over their cuteness, we only intended to take home six.

The woman at the poultry sale thought we should take home a few extra. “Just in case,” she said.


Because you just never know how many might turn out to be roosters.

Fast forward a few months and now the COOP Condo has been completed ~ shingles, a sliding window and siding to boot ~ and our poor coop will soon only house three lonely ladies.

That’s right. Three.

Because out of EIGHT chickens, five of them were roosters. I’ll share some pictures with you all, but let me give you a little tip.

When naming your chickens, do NOT give them names that can be gender neutral or shortened to a boy’s name. I firmly believe that this was our downfall.

Some introductions….


Meet Henrietta. The first of our flock who pushed all fear aside and made himself known as a rooster to my face. Henrietta quickly became known as ‘Henry’ and was sent to live over the mountain and now has a large flock of ladies and can crow to his heart’s content.


Next on the ‘must find a new home’ block was Blackberry. One of the prettiest roosters we had, with iridescent blue tail feathers, but also a peck-peck-pecker of my toe nails. He also now resides with a flock of 20 lady-friends.


Fuzzball was another sweet rooster. A loud crower, but definitely needing a home to call his own. He took the place of a mean old rooster at someone’s house and is watching over six female friends now.


Sunshine {now known as Sonny} was one of the sweetest roosters and a pretty white/brown mix. His pitiful crow is not one to impress the ladies, but he will soon have a new home.


BrownBack….such pretty colors beginning to show. A nice fluffy white tail, but mean, mean, mean to the neighbor’s chickens. Definitely time to find a new home!

So now our adventure continues as we look for a few more birds of the FEMALE persuasion to join the flock and contribute to the household egg consumption.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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