Monday, October 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday {10.11.2010}

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Menu Plan Monday

I have been trying really hard this past week to be better about my eating habits {i.e. sitting down to actually eat lunch} and paying a better attention to what I actually eat {ahem}. It’s amazing what you realize you are {or are not} doing when you actually track what is going into your mouth.

Overall the week went great and was…shall we say enlightening? I made a big batch of veggie soup and will be sharing the recipe with you all on Thursday ~ so yummy, especially with a slice of homemade whole wheat bread !

I’m still working on my main dish menu planner and updating my recipe book. Depending on how much free time I have this week, I’m hoping to share some of that with you all next week. My pile of recipes is getting sorted and making a little more sense now which helps a lot!

Here's the plan for the upcoming week:


Tuesday Wednesday
  • Breakfast ~ Eggs & toast
  • Dinner ~ Parmesan Chicken
Thursday Friday
  • Breakfast ~ Cereal
  • Dinner ~ Homemade pizza {I promise I’ll share the crust recipe next week!!!}
  • Breakfast ~ Scrambled eggs, bacon & toast
  • Dinner ~ Chicken BLT salad
  • Breakfast ~ Cinnamon rolls
  • Dinner ~ Popcorn & smoothies

As Always: I’ve linked to any recipes that I’ve already posted. That’s it for the week ~ what on your menu?




  1. Ok, 4 loaves per meal? I could eat that much but I am guessing that the loaves are smallish?

  2. Love all of the meal times (breakfast, lunch, etc.) being included in your plan! Stopping in from MPM~

  3. I seriously can't image having just popcorn for Sunday dinner!

  4. You are awesome! Thank you for posting that you guys eat cereal. It makes me feel a little better. Please tell me it is store-bought too.

  5. Hey dropping by via Homeschool Creations and was wondering how do you say your name. I love creative names, I have a Sara but spell it Cera so maybe not unique in sound but I'm always going to have to personalize her stuff myself, lol

  6. Love all your blogs! Your recipes remind me a lot of mine!

  7. Ok, 4 loaves per meal? I could eat that much but I am guessing that the loaves are smallish?


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