Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Story of Our Move {Part 3}

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If you are just tuning in, you might want to read Part 1 and Part 2 the first part of our moving story {I promise, it’s fun!}.

Our drive to the airport that Saturday morning involved a flurry of phone calls back and forth between our realtor and us and we waited to hear what this new couple thought of our house. We anxiously waited, flew to Florida and obsessively checked email and texts {ok, I obsessively checked}.

Saturday passed with nothing solid in place and Sunday we prepared to leave on our cruise.  We had brought along our laptop in hopes that we may be able to connect with our realtor at some point while in a port, because the internet fees were outrageous on the ship. We settled onto our ship, but while we were somewhat relaxing…it wasn’t quite what we were hoping for, especially with the thought of having two mortgage payments looming over our heads.

Tuesday we arrived in our first port and found a Starbucks {go figure!!}, bought a coffee, and logged into our email account to find an email from our realtor with an offer on our house! We began emailing back and forth with her, gave her our thoughts on what we would agree to…and then headed back to the ship and out to sea.

Still waiting.


Wednesday we ported in Cozumel and again found another coffee shop. After getting a good laugh at the signs on the tables surrounding the shop {fortunately, we were ‘costumers’}, we set up camp, waiting to hear from our realtor. This would also be the point that we discovered that our debit card had a freeze put on it due to suspicious activity {umm…our own from traveling in Mexico}.

Our purchase of a bottle of authentic vanilla extract and a coffee proved to be MOST beneficial. After emailing back and forth with our realtor…WE HAD A CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE!! From the day we listed our house until the day we had a contract on it ~ ten days.

Thank you, Lord!!

Vacation and relaxation were in full swing … but now we had to wait and see if our purchase on the new house would go through as planned in five days, while we were still away from home.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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