Friday, February 7, 2014

Just Write

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Writing is something that I haven’t done here lately, because in truth - it all just feels overwhelming at times. Or that I don’t have anything consequential to really put into words.

{I’d say I don’t have any words, but if you know me, I never seem to lack for words.}

Life continues to move on. Our kids are growing. Trying to keep up with them and the many moods can honestly be quite exhausting. And rewarding. And frustrating.

This parenting thing isn’t always the easiest task. Especially because I find so many glaring faults of my own being mirrored in my children. The things that I am asking them to stop doing {for the upteenth time}, well - can you guess where many of those things were learned?

So sometimes it’s easier not to write. Much of me wants to just enjoy the time that I have with our family, which is why I haven’t written much.

But really, there has been lots to tell of {other than the chicken and the rabbit that died, or all the snow we’ve enjoyed, or the braces someone now has}.

While life has been happening, there is lots to write of - but sometimes this mom has a hard time putting it all into words that do it justice.


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