Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If I Had a Sister

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There have been days that I wished I had a sister. Especially those days that my two brothers would get a little ornery. Truthfully, they still get a little lot ornery.

{And to my parents who may be reading this, you know how difficult they could be.}

Not that life is always perfect between two sisters – because I happen to have two little girls and know that there are fights. And tears. But there are also conversations at night. And times now and in the future that they will be each other’s encouragement and confidants.

mariska and me

For the past week and a half, one of my cousins from the Netherlands visited us along with her son. It’s never awkward when she visits – just a fun time that we sit and talk, shop together {and for me who dislikes shopping this is saying a LOT}, drink coffee and milkshakes, and just enjoy the time that we have together. 

If I could pick a sister, I would definitely pick her.

Today she left our home to head back to her family. Since she left, there have been tears flowing every now and then. The plane ride to visit her family may not be too long, but it isn’t a quick ride in the car.

There’s this ocean that literally separates us.

But – there is also Skype. And the phone. And if we can ever figure it out, we might actually be able to text each other too {those silly phone apps can be so iffy}.

I may not have a sister, but I do have an amazing cousin that I am so thankful to call a friend as well. And that is just as wonderful.

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