Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Four Footed Family Member

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There’s a new little someone who has quickly wiggled his way into the hearts of family members. We tried to keep him at arm’s length until we knew that Rick wouldn’t have any allergy issues with him, but really…that was a lost cause.

Toby the Cat-1

For a week he has been wandering the house, getting into kitty mischief and remained unnamed while we made a list of different names that might fit him.

And the list was getting long: Mittens. Mitt {Romney}. Caramel. Butterscotch. Pumpkin. Peanut. Butternut. Cinnamon.

Perhaps you notice the food trend??

Yesterday we finally settled on a non-hunger inducing name.

Toby. Short for Toby Cat…a name that is a throwback to one of the kids’ favorite singers – Toby Mac.

{I’ll admit that I am really already in love with the little stinker cat}.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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