Monday, October 31, 2011

Drip Free Syrup Containers

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Sticky fingers. Drippy containers. Syrup everywhere.

It drives me nuts.

Years ago I picked up a super-amazing syrup container that managed to stay on our shelves for years. Whenever it was empty, I rinsed it out and then refilled it with the syrup that we had on hand.

The no-drip spout had me at the first squeeze.

Meet the Kellog’s Eggo syrup.


Unfortunately, my mother didn’t understand my obsession with the no-drip spout and threw out several bottles when they were empty. I was NOT happy to find out that our grocery stores no longer carry them on their shelves.

I gave in and bought a new syrup bottle and the syrupy messes returned.

Wanting a sticky-free house, I turned to Amazon {why I didn’t think of looking there before is beyond me}.  This momma was THRILLED to find a four pack of Eggo syrup {and super saver shipping}. Enough to have a spare or two in the closet {should a certain mother forget and throw the container away} and enough to share a bottle with another mom and make her pancake mornings even more enjoyable.

Puts me in the mood to make pancakes, yes it does!

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

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