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Love on Assignment {Book Review}

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imageCharlotte Hale desperately wants to become a journalist, something generally reserved for the men in the newspaper office. When her boss offers her the opportunity to move up in the office by taking an undercover assignment, she jumps at the opportunity.

She takes a nanny position in the household of the widowed Professor Wilmont, a man who writes a weekly religious column for the newspaper and stirs up quite a bit of trouble calling for equality and fair wages in the workplaces. It is a cause that the workers rally with and one that employers do not wish to hear.

While working as nanny, Charlotte searches to find flaws in the Professor’s character, but only discovers an honest and upright man and a family that she begins to love deeply. Her uneasiness in her assignment grows as she observes her newspaper editor attempting some underhanded tactics to malign the Professor and cause him moral ruin. Will she be able to remain undercover and protect the Professor and his family or will everything fall to pieces around her on assignment?

My Thoughts

Love on Assignment  is the second book in the Ladies of Summerhill series by Cara Lynn James, set in Rhode Island the late 1800’s.

When she first arrives in the Wilmont household, Charlotte knows and understands very little about God and what a relationship with Christ is all about ~ especially in the area of forgiveness. During her time working for the family, she soon learns what a true relationship should look like. As she is convicted of her deceit she is placed in a difficult position because she needs a job to support her sick sister, but no longer wishes to deceive the family she works for.

The story was a great look at the Gilded Age and the dichotomy between the wealthy and the working classes and the responsibility of Christians in that setting. Cara Lynn James isn’t overly preachy in the book, but clearly outlines the message of salvation through the story.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.

This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson via Net Gallery. All opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.

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