Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Overheard During Playtime

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Here’s just a few snippets of conversation I’ve overheard in the last few weeks between a few of our kids.

Not sure what the preface to this conversation was…

L: Just ask mom. She’s run a few red lights and stop signs and she hasn’t gone to jail.

Z: Yeah. She just hit a house.

{Sad, but very true}.


The girls were playing ‘house’ outside last week…

L: {playing the ‘mom’} You need to go and clean up your room. It’s a mess.

M: Ok, Mom. I’m going to go play in the garden first.

{M runs off to play and returns about 2 minutes later}

M: Mom! Thanks so much for cleaning my room for me!

L: I didn’t clean your room for you. I took all your stuff to Goodwill. I told you that if you didn’t clean it up, I would donate it.

M: {gasp}

Gee…I wonder where they got THAT idea??

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  1. lol...too funny, what they pick up and retain! Ah the joys of motherhood....enjoy your day!

  2. Oh no, a house? I wonder too what the start of that conversation was. Love the second scenario. I think that conversation has taken place in a few houses!

  3. Loving, loving, LOVING these conversations. I think I remember that second scenario happening a few times myself. :-)

  4. hilarious. very similar conversations had here....much be universal mom speech.

  5. Oh I love it. My mom did that when I was little. I also did that to my son this past summer! If they are playing it maybe it has sunk in to keep their room clean?
    You are blessed to have 4 beautiful children.

  6. Oh, my goodness! I can hardly type from laughing. That conversation between your girls was hilarious!! We would get along so well IRL, you and I. ;-)

    A house? Really? Have you ever blogged that story?

  7. These are cute! It's so funny to hear ourselves come out of our children.

  8. bwahahhaa loved both of these!!

  9. hilarious. very similar conversations had here....much be universal mom speech.


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